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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sign Making

We decided that this summer was going to be a summer of arts and crafts, if they are acitive, they don't tend to fight so much ;-).  And, in part it was.

Rooting round some of the crafty blogs I decided I wanted a sign for my field gate, and once I realised how easy it was, we were off.

Girlie # 2 was on a sleepover at a friends house, so Girlie # 1 and I started.

Find piece of scrap wood and sand it down
Print lettering and pictures on PC
Trace on to wood with a ball point pen
Colour in with acrylics
Sand in places to give that distressed look
Wash over and wipe off a wood stain
This is what we ended up with, and needless to say we were both very pleased with how it turned out.

The following day Girlie # 2 returned home, along with aforementioned friend, indignant that we had made this without her!!!

So, off we went again. 

They decided that as it was their daddy's birthday coming up soon, that they would make some for him, and this is what they came up with


 Now, we need to do a couple more to be hung around here.

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