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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Old Barbecue - Re-Made

Lurking in the garden was this old barbecue, the grill part still works and will be used in another project later.  But the "trolley" had definitely seen better days.  I should've taken a picture of it in it's entirety, with it's naff plastic wheels and all.  Too good to chop up for firewood, I decided to give it a make over.

As you can see, it was well sunburned and also with the removal of the griddle, very unstable.


We leveled the legs off after the removal of the wheels and created a new mid level shelf with some equally old and weathered timber I had lying about.

A light sanding and a coat of varnish and I now have a pretty shelf to put my plants on.

I originally had the Bizzie Lizzies on the top, only to discover, that they don't actually do too well in the full sun.  Hoping they will recuperate here down below.  If not, they'll go to the front terrace to recuperate and I'll have to find some sun hardy plants to put in their place. 

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