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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Oh Yes

Whilst the girlies were last at their Dad's, I decided it would be an oportune moment to "declutter" the playroom.  As it's not actually a room as such, more of a large corridoor leading to the patio and my bedroom, I was seriously taking my life into my hands, everytime I went in or out of my room.  Lord knows what would have happened if their was a powercut in the middle of the night!!!


And after


I've managed to free up two and a half shelves, so that means that all the boxed games that are in the cupboards under their beds can now go on these empty shelves, freeing up space for their ever growing wardrobes and makeup/jewellry collection.  Hoping that we'll soon be able to get rid of a lot more of these toys, and I'll be able to turn this space into a crafty/office type room.  Anyone know at what age this can be done please?

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