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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

And there in a wood a Piggy Wig stood... or, quashing the pig myths

Now that Jessica has been living with us for a few days, I feel that I am now qualified to quash (or not) a few of the Pig myths that are flying about

Smelly Pig Not true, she definitely dosen't smell. Only her bedding has a bit of a whiff, but a quick wash every couple of days soon sorts that out.

Eat Like a Pig Oh my, so very true. She is the champ of lip smacking and guzzling. Not very good table manners at all hahaha!!!

Lazy Pig This is debatable. During the day she is scurrying around quite busily. But once she has had her dinner, then it's sack time, and she's not what you'd call an early riser either. Breakfast and coffee for humans is all sorted whilst she just lazes around in her box!

Dirty Pig Nope, certainly not dirty. She only "goes" in the same place, just like a cat with a litter tray. As she appears to pish like a racehorse though I need to find something a little more absorbent than newspaper. Will try some of those disposable changing mat things I think.

Squeal like a Pig Very true, get her cornered where she is not happy and industrial ear defenders will be required.

Sweats like a Pig Another myth bites the dust, pigs only sweat at the end of their noses!

So, that's all my pig myths busted or confirmed:-) Oh, and by the way, the girlies haven't seen her yet, so if you speak to them before they get back from their skiing trip...Mum's the word please :-D

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