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Sunday, 13 December 2009

And after that short interval I'm back :-)

So, way back on 15 November Girlie No1 entered in a duatlon with about eight of her class mates. They had to run, cycle and run again, now please bear in mind that our family have never turned out any sporting champions, her and her friend Melisa finnished joint...

last. They came running up the road together holding hands so that neither of them would actually be the last to cross the finish line. Afterwards she told me that she could see that Melisa was getting very tired so suggested this, a VPMM (very proud mummy moment) if ever there was one.

Unloaded and raring to go

DD2 and some other younger sisters, were also on hand to offer support with the banner that they had made at school

And they're off

They all thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at the races, although we had no winners involved. It was the taking part and the feeling of accomplishment that counted.

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