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Friday, 2 October 2009

El Guateque de Los 60's

Tecnica 2000
Well, this evening I went out with the Camera Club to take photos in the local shopping centre, as they are running a competition for photographs of the centre. Personally I found it very difficult to take any pictures at all as I just find the place so very ugly - but there you go.

We met up at around 18:30 and had a quick beer like you do to wet the whistle and plan the attack. Around 20:00 we regrouped and I said that we were just going to go and get some dinner and then go home. "Oh no you don't" the cry went up. Apparantly the town hall was putting on a concert of 60's music in one of the parks. So obediently we went
Los Griegos

There were 5 acts, ranging from ho hum to pretty damn excellent. One of my particular favourites being Los Escorpiones as they sang a lot of English songs and managed to get the crowd up and dancing.

Los Escorpiones

In the Audience
The final group were Tecnica 2000, who were just excellent, although they weren't on stage for long enough. So at 04:00 I eventually got home and fed the poor dogs, as they are far too countrified to take, unlike the pampered city dog above!

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