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Saturday, 16 August 2008

What a haul

The garden is really coming along well at the moment. We are overrun with tomatoes and I just can't pick them fast enough.

This is what I collected the other evening. The courgettes and aubergines are delicious done on the griddle and the aficoses are far tastier than the cuccumbers, which were quite bitter. The lettuces too were a bit of a disaster, quite bitter tasting, so next time I will be looking for a variety with a lighter coloured leaf, an iceberg or something like that. I must also stagger the plantings a bit better as well next year, as we are currently eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Here are two of my most favourite recently taken photographs. The first one was taken for my 365 days project for Flickr, and is probably my favourite of those I have taken so far. I must put an infrared remote on my wish list! The 2nd, was my first attempt at a cut out in Photoshop, and I am really pleased with it :o). The shoes belonged to Lynda and to me they are everything that she was bright, colourful and fun. So I took this for posterity, before the girlies trash them "dressing up".

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