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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Appearing Live in a Plaza near You....

Well, I've been so busy this past week with dancing every night I've just not had a chance to update. I have also started to do flickrs 365 Days project, which means taking a self portrait every day for a whole year. This is going quite well so far, but most of the pictures, are being taken late evening, as I have been forgetting, or too busy during the day.

The dance show was a great success and such good fun. It is such a clever concept, the way that 10 days prior, nobody could dance a step, and at the end we mount a production that gets applause!

The garden is a big success at the moment, I am giving away tomatoes and the melons are sweet and juicy. The lettuces were a bit of a disaster, as they were quite bitter varieties and the girlies weren't too keen, so next time I will have to try another variety. Some of the cuccumbers, were also bitter, but the aficoses are gorgeous. The onions are red, and although not very big yet, are tasty. Need to start thinking about what to plant for the winter now. Brocoli, beans and cauliflower I think. Here are some of the photos of our stage production. There are some more pictures here

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