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Friday, 11 January 2013

011 TFIF

011 by Sonriendo
011, a photo by Sonriendo on Flickr.

Because that means is wine time.

I was sat at work watching lovely wispy clouds dissapear over the building opposite, just knowing that it was going to be a spectacular sunset for a change.

I sort of forgot about doing my 365 earlier in the day, so this is really just a last minute snap with. Trying to polish a turd really. But I did use my flash, which I managed to bounce off the ceiling. A bit tricky when you're shooting portrait style, but I worked it out ;)


Modesty Brown said...

I honestly love this picture. I need to have it saved somewhere for moments when I need to steady my nerves without popping a cork!

Sonriendo Sonriendo said...

Pop that cork I say. Well, only if it's late enough!