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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mouse Trap

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that we have a lot of animals, ponies, dogs, chickens, rabbits etc.  This in turn means a lot of animal feed, which also means a lot of mice, like 100's of mice.  It was time to get tough and a run of the mill mouse trap was not going to work, there were far too many.  Poison was not a good idea, with fed about and those sticky mat things - yuk!!

So, I let it be generally known that I was looking for a cat :-)  One day, these two showed up

They settled into the feed store nicely and not a sign of a mouse.

Then my friend Susana turned up with

He/she joined in with the other two and although they were a little standoffish to start with quickly made friends.  Still no mice and threee kittens, perfect.

A few days later, Saturday morning and I was in the shower, the door bell rang and the girlies went to get it.  A few minutes passed and they came thundering back in - Who was it? I asked - Oh a man in a grey van with two cats for you, we've put them in the shed with the others!!!

So, there we have it, me, a completely no cat person, now the owner of five gorgeous kittens and a mouse free feed shed.

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