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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Deprocrastination List

Deprocrastination List

So, the girlies have been back for two days and I expect you are all "gagging" to know how I got on with my deprocrastination list.  The original list is in black, all extras and succeses are in red.  The failures are in blue :-(

De clutter my wardrobe Wardrobe and drawers all nicely organised and loads of old, tatty and worn out clothes rehomed or repurposed.

Clean out log burner and polish the glass Now just need to spring/summer up my fireplace.

Pedicure and manicure - it's coming up to sandal time :-) Fail :-(

Have a good garden tidy  Made a damn good start, front is looking very nice as is the side.  Need to weed and rotivate and then dog proof the back garden, so that I can start to plant out my seedlings.

Clean kitchen windows inside and out - Rain stopped play, although I did manage to clean some of them, they are now dirtied by the rain again - very groundhog.

Eat my 5-a-day  Mostly - aided by making a three/four or five fruit smoothie for breakfast.

Wash all bathroom tiles - a ladder is required for this - floor to ceiling - so not to be undertaken lightly!!!  Yuck is all I have to say on this subject!

Get ironing pile up to date  Get real!!!

Finish crocheting my rainbow bag  Done and Blogged

Make a cover for my Kindle  Done and Blogged

Get my craft on  Done and Blogged

Move girlies beds around and generally de junk their rooms too - so much easier when their not here ;-)  "Mum have you seen my......"  "Oh not for ages sweetheart, perhaps you've left it at Daddy's"  Titter titter. Fail, although I've sorted their wardrobes, I really need them here to dejunk too much.  Although it looks like junk to me, 'tis treasure to them.

Do lots of blogging  See above

Start Girlie 1's Bag

Stop Malodrous Cess Pit Smell in Bathroom  Done using a method so MacGyvery I can't possibly tell you about it.  No really.

Go carbooting
  Done and Blogged earlier

Seed half of bottom field for the ponies 

Fix fountain that has never worked in the 9+ years we have lived here

Scrape out nasty black grout in the bathroom and replace with new fresh white 

So, on the whole not too shabby, although not everything on my list was completed, I'm pretty impressed with my efforts.  What do you think?

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