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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Whoops I've done it again..

a complete month has passed since updating this blog :blushes:

Well, it has been the summer, we've had visitors, days out and fiestas.  I have probably 1000's of photos to sort and process, so keep tuned, as I will be doing a proper update soon.  Well, one with pics anyway.

So, girlie #2 is back to school, only half days until 1 October - hurrah.  Girlie #2 is in tomorrow for 2 hours presentation, where she will find out what subjects she will be doing this first year, and more importantly for her who her class mates are going to be.  Tomorrow she will start at 10:00 and after that 08:00, which means catching the bus at 07:15 - this is going to be a shock to all our systems, and I just know that I'll be dropping her off in my PJs more than once!

So, that's it, the summer is over.  Although I'm quite sad about this, it will be quite nice to get back into a routine again, and hopefully to start a bit more English Language coaching to get me ready for Christmas.  Sending your kids to school is a costly business here in Spain.  All text books have to be bought, alongside pens, pencils, paper, notebooks and all other sundry stationery items - to say nothing of the new clothes that will be required as they don't have school uniforms either.


Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Know what you mean about how expensive everything is. It's a good job they don't wear school uniforms, I'm enough of a pickle over the PE kit, see my last post.

Look forward to seeing your latest photos soon.

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