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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Romeria de San Isidro

Last Saturday (16th) was the Romeria for the Patron of our Village San Isidro. This basically involves most of the village following the Saint through the lanes surrounding the village to the local Hermita, which is a tiny little church used only for this occasion. San Isidro is mounted on a decorated trailer and pulled by tractor with a band and villagers following. San Isidro is the Saint of farmers and farming, so quite popular around here as agriculture is the largest source of work by far. Many of the villagers turn out on their equalyy well decorated tractors and trailers and so begin the procession to the hermita. Once there, there is a special mass and afterwards, the fires are lit and so begins the best part an outside "almuerzo", the aroma of sizzling sausages, chorizo and other barbequed meats fill the air. Beer and wine is quaffed and the water fights break out. Then the band strikes up once more and San Isidro is accompanied back to the village church once more. It is the custom that the residents of the houses on the route back, break out the hose pipes, to give all the participants a good drenching. A few pics to follow

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