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Monday, 13 October 2008

Olives, Chickens and Photos

Well, the girlies are now back at school full time, which gives me a lot more time too get on with things around the house and garden. All the veg planted last month is coming along great guns, with the addition of some more broccoli (yum), tomatoes, lettuce and celery. Had a bit of an incident involving ducks and lettuces the other day, but hell, there is only so much a lettuce a family can eat! Explanation - we have had a lot of rain recently, so they were meant to be eating the snails, not the lettuces.

The olives have all been picked and sent to Concha next door, who does her stuff and delivers me a couple of jars back! Nice arrangement, as it's really only me that eats them, and it keeps her busy too!! So much better than them going to waste. Took a couple of pics of some, before we picked them.
Also took a couple of bokeh shots that I'm quite pleased with, one a bit Christmassy and the other Halloweeny!The chickens have now started to produce two eggs a day, so they have had a reprieve.

Don't know what has happened here with the downloading of the pics, they are huge, will come back later and re-edit - sorry. Done, a bit late

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