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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gathering In

Well, I'm very pleased to report that we have eaten a number of salads that have all come SOLELY from the garden :o). The first crop of tomatoes have all been eaten, and I am now waiting for the second lot to ripen. There are loads, so if they all come at the same time, we could be all tomatoed out, and I will be searching frantically for recipes!

I've just got rid of my first visitor of the summer, which has stopped me from posting on here. It was lovely to have her here, as my girlies love the extra attention. They are staying at Nanny's today as they are off to a show with her, so it is giving me a chance to catch up and get a few jobs done.

Here are a few photos of the garden, can't wait to try the melons, although they still need another week or two to ripen off. We are over run by cuccumbers, courgettes and aficoses, and some of the lettuices have actually gone to seed - to be composted and recycled. Donations are regularly made to my neighbours :o). Must remember this next year, and not plant quite so many. Staggering the plantings a bit better.

The daddles are now in their new dog proofed enclosure, and will hopefully be joined by three turkeys, Holly, Noelia and Belen. Can't you just guess their fate? Also by three hens, but just for eggs. I think that the ducks are all in fact drakes. So no eggs from them, we will have to wait untill the oranges have ripened, before we decide their fate!

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