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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Easter in the UK - Days 94 and 95

So, on Thursday somebody had to go to Whipsnade again to collect the handed in iPhone.  The girlies voluntered to go to the pictures and do some more shopping!!

On the way back we passed through Stoney Stratford where I took this shot of The Old George and had coffee and cakes in Costas.

Friday was still fairly overcast although the sun did come out now and again.  And we spent the afternoon at Bletchley Park.  The house and gardens were quite splendid, although I'm sure it will all be a lot prettier come the summer.

It was very interesting to learn all about The Enigma machine that decoded the Germans messages through the war.  I could totally understand how the Germans coded the messages in the first place - but how the machine worked to decode them was very difficult to get my head around.  It would appear that a lot of it was down to good luck and chance.

Hot Chocolate and cakes was also consumed - they just don't do cake in Spain like they do in the UK.

The girlies were delighted to find a proper re telephone box for posing purposes too.

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